MJ fans- can someone find me a Wash Rose MJ in..

  1. a Venetia, Blake, Sophia, Stella, etc....
    I love this color and it's so rare. Please help !! :sad:
  2. The New Sophia in Washed Rose is on sale at Neiman Marcus Last Call in Denver, CO for $610 + 20% off. Their phone number is (303) 273-5440.
  3. It's a gorgeous color! I hope you get it!
  4. The Austin, Texas Last Call also had a Washed Rose Venetia right before New Year's. The phone number there is: 512-447-0701

    Good luck! I hope you get it!
  5. I love this color! been looking for one myself... but I'm on ban so I shouldn't. I remember seeing a Sophia on eBay... I will have to go take a look.
  6. I LOVE the Washed rose color... I get so many compliments on my WR Stella :smile:

    Good luck finding one, I saw a WR Stella on eBay not too long ago... like a week and a half ago
  7. ^ Yup, that's the one I was thinking about... the interior should be a burgundy suede, but def ask the seller to send you more pics!
  8. I would love a washed rose Stella....gorgeous color. Venetia would be great, too.
  9. Washed rose Sophia at NMLC in Auburn Hills, MI. (248) 745-6868 ext. 2009. Talk to Karen - she is extremely helpful!

    They also have a thistle Venetia & Multipocket in Thistle that they are really trying to get someone to buy! :graucho: Not me though! I am holding out for "honeydew"!! (Maybe....)
  10. Thank You So Much!!!

    I ordered a sophia from the New Jersey store - however, no 20%. Now I'm finding some stores are 20% and some stores AREN'T. I'm goin to have to ship the non-20% bag back and reorder w/ 20% off - sucks!!!
  11. THANK YOU also :smile: Wow Karen was very nice! Unfortunately it is not on sale :sad: this particular color is out - prolly b/c it's a HOT color! LOl
  12. SO po'ed - last week it was onsale - but I didn't check MJ boards that week.
    They did have it though - it's not on sale anymore. but I love this bag so I'm going to keep trying to see if I can get a Washed Rose for 20% in the next 30 days. I wish they told u about sales ahead of time.
    thanks for looking out!!
  13. I am sorry I didn't realize the sale had ended. I will try to check around to other stores for you. Good luck!
  14. Awwww... sorry - I didn't even think to ask what the price was!! Good luck finding one at a great price!