Mj Fall Sporty Tote -

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  1. I called MJ in NY..these bags are in..LOVE THEM! Has anyone seen the IRL? I am considering buying the grey one right now....The gold hardware with the grey kind of has me hesitating...opinions????They also have whiskey in as well...hhmmm.help me girls!!LOL!
  2. Jill, I haven't it seen in real life yet. From the picture on marcjacobs.com, I am in LOVE with this bag & can't wait to see it in Amethyst (Purple). I don't love Grey though. If you have hestitation about the color, maybe, you can wait for other colors? =)

    Jill, what do think of its size? I hope it won't be too big..

  3. The size is perfect for me..I am trying to figure out what color I like.....Its between the whiskey and the grey...leaning to the grey...hhmmm
  4. Jill,

    This bag comes in Linen (off-white), Graphite (grey?), Black, Amethyst (purple), and Whiskey.
  5. ^ I know-I was just on their website..hhmm.......The whiskey prob looks better with the gold hardware..BUT I SOOOOOOOOOOO love a grey bag!! Want a grey one forever..hhmmm.......
  6. Also- I was considering the Ursula Black tote in goat leather..saw it IRL and LOVED IT too...Gosh..I hate decisions....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Step away from the phone and post photos.
  8. The MJ website wont let me copy the photos..anyone know how??
  9. I can get the pictures in just a second! Its the least I can do for all your help!
  10. ^thanks!!!!!!!!!
  11. Jill,
    1. I gave up with MJ site; I couldn't get anything to work -- can't save pictures, can't copy links, etc. Maybe another member could do it? =)
    2. I haven't seen Sporty Tote in person yet, but I am leaning toward it. Plus, Ursula Tote's still available at many stores -- guessing it'll go go on sale sometimes soon. Maybe, you can get it at that time. =)

    I'm never too big on greyish color on smooth leather, I think it's kind of flat. This style has some designs so it works as opposed to other styles. I might get converted if it's very nice in person -- never thought I would like Patent Leather, but fell in love with MJ's Quilted Patent leather bags. =)

    If you've been looking for a grey bag & love this one, go for it! =) I'm becoming like Selena -- big enabler! LOL! =)
  12. Here is the Sporty Tote:

    mj sport graph.JPG

    mj sport ameth.JPG
  13. After throwing PHH a nice Bday party yesterday..I think I can get away with another purchase today..LOL...... which bag do you like better>Sporty Vs. Leather Ursula Tote...??????
  14. how's that? What other ones should I get for everyone to drool over?
  15. Thanks so much Kittybag!!!! You are the best!