MJ Fakes now come with receipts?!?

  1. I'm not surprised. If I wanted to I could photoshop a receipt. It's not that hard-all you need is an original. Unfortunately this is yet another way for fakers to get over on the unsuspecting.
  2. This is so sad... =(
    If you check out ioffer.com, you can see tons of fake items including bags, receipts, barcodes (Nordstrom too!), etc...
  3. I totally believe it. I was checking the closed/ended auctions page on eBay for Stams, and notice a slew of Stams that sold for over $400 with fake Nordstrom barcodes printed on the tags.

    It made me sick to my stomach that people can be so deceitful AND sick because so many people lost good money on a fake.
  4. Honestly, unless it's from a private seller (such as myself), I've sworn off buying any designer products on eBay. I was nearly royally screwed on a Prada bag last month (which this board and some other wonderful ladies helped me make my case and get a refund). I bought a Michael Kors bag on eBay earlier this spring and after seeing this thread, NOW I'm wondering if IT is fake. Sigh....

    I think I'm going to have a yard sale and get rid of all my dubious items after the month *I* have had and reading things like this.:yucky:
  5. Two months ago I bought a fake MJ bowler and it too came with a fake receipt from the marc jacobs store. These scammers have thought of everything. It makes me so mad, and upset that they will do whatever they have to do to sell a fake bag for the retail value!!!!
  6. did you get your money back? I am so sorry.
  7. yes, i got all my money back. The woman was actaully very nice and claimed that she thought it was authentic. Do I beleive her, I dont know, however I dont think that she was fimilar with MJ bags or designer bags for the matter bc most of the stuff she had sold was baby clothing. She refunded me the full amount including shipping and the money for me to ship it back to the UK which was another additional $35. So even though it sucked sooo muchto get a fake bag, the experience was not as bad as it could have been and now I have a real MJ bowler bag that can not even compare to the fakes out there!
  8. ^^Wow, that was nice of her! Most sellers would have ran with the money!
  9. i think ioffer used to sell programs with recepit templates already made. its sick.
  10. What will they think of next?:girlsigh:
  11. It gets me so :censor: mad!!
  12. They look so fake to me. They even reference under "about us" that they specialize in replica handbags & most of their handbags are from China. I think that would be a big "red flag" for me. Thanks for the post. Kim
  13. That seller is :censor: !! Look at her response for one of the questions:

    "They are ebay quality products and know a lot of my buyers sell them there (especially since they come with receipts). The receipts are from a MJ store in Milan, with all the details printed in."

    At least we know which styles to look out for.