MJ Experts - Name these bags from a few seasons ago

  1. I have a few MJs I've gotten as gifts ... love them ... but have never known what the styles are called. I have some pix to post if anyone could tell me the names of the styles.
  2. Post 'em and we'll take a look!
  3. Here are the pictures
    MJbaguette.jpg MJBigRed.jpg MJIvoryClutch.jpg MJpinkhandbag.jpg
  4. Bluefly calls the last one the "calf mini flap bag"
  5. I believe the third wallet/clutch is from the quinn line.
  6. the second one looks like the boston bag and the last is the louise.
  7. The second one's color is lobster. It looks smaller than the one they called 'satchel'. It is from the east/west collection.
  8. Thanks for replying everyone. The second one (the lobster bag) is actually bigger than a speedy 35. I realized the pictures are sort of confusing as far as size since I took some close up and some far away.
  9. Top, to see if anyone else can identify these
  10. I have the second one in the same color. When I got it, I think they called it a duffle. There wasn't a specific name like Venetia or Stella. It retailed for $895.