MJ Experts - History of MJ Bags Question

  1. Did a quick search of the internet, but only came up with MJ biographies which didn't include this - what year did MJ begin producing his own line of handbags?

    Also, I just adore the blue colors and wanted to know if anyone could tell me the various names of the blues MJ has used. The ones I know for sure are midnight, peacock, teal and topaz - any more?
  2. I'd say he started around 2000-2001, although I've heard he's made prototype bags prior to these years.

    There's also petrol, cobalt, blueberry, denim, ocean blue, and aquamarine. There's probably more.
  3. Thanks, thithi. Hmmm, so many blues, so little cash flow....
  4. There's also Navy from the current collection.
  5. I forgot bright blue too.

    I saw the new light petrol color in the MJ lookbook, it appears to be like Petrol but brighter/lighter, sort of a cross between old petrol with bright blue. Doesn't strike me as a "fall" color.
  6. mj debuted his first handbag collection in 2000:

    [FONT=helvetica,arial,geneva]Sixties revived with First Lady of style[/FONT]
    [FONT=helvetica,arial,geneva]By Hilary Alexander, Fashion Editor, in New York [/FONT]
    TREND-SETTING Manhattan designer Marc Jacobs is raiding the style Jackie Onassis made her own for his new autumn/winter 2000, which he showed at the New York State Armoury on Monday.
    [​IMG]Jacobs's new collection was full of the smart, neat, polished Sixties style Jackie Onassis made her own. It is a return to looking like a lady, picture perfect, groomed to the hilt, and oh so expensive. This is clearly a Jackie O moment in fashion. Not so long ago, Donald Trump's girlfriend, Melania Knauss, declared that her style icon was the former First Lady.
    Jacobs's suits in cashmere herringbone and glazed leather in classic tan, brown, navy and camel, with occasional forays into bright orange, featured short, boxy, single-breasted jackets and A-line knee-length skirts. They were worn with two-tone, pointed kitten heel pumps. Clean and crisp coats, straight or with a gentle A-line, were in cashmere tweed, wool plaid and flower power printed patent leather, often with ring-pull zips to underscore the retro mood.
    The V-necked pinafore shift, another Sixties favourite, complete with dropped waist stamped with pockets, came in glazed leather, plaid wool and corduroy, over a fine cashmere rollneck.
    Occasionally, a note of whimsy punctuated the "dressing up like mom", when a Tuscan lamb collar was tied over a soft pink cashmere sweater or an A-line skirt had a cute scarf tie sashed waistline. Luggage details - such as the mix of cotton canvas and leather for suits and coats, buckle fastenings and leather strips to emphasise seams - displayed the technical skills Jacobs has been acquiring at his second job, as chief designer for the French luxury brand, Louis Vuitton. Jacobs and his partner Robert Duffy also used the catwalk show to launch the first collection of Marc Jacobs handbags, many with big "Boy Scout" buckles. For evening, Jacobs was in prim and pretty mood, with a range of prom frocks - you could not call them dresses - in millefeuille layers of finest silk tulle organza. Strapless, one-shouldered or anchored with tiny straps, they featured preppy "bell" skirts to below the knee and a matching "corsage" detail on shoulder, spine or hip.
  7. i remember his first collection (and yes, there was a blue, a lovely greenish blue the name of which escapes me). the sofia was an original style, i don't think any others (such as the gym lock satchel) are still being made.