MJ experts -- did they ever make a blue (not light) Stella with fabric lining?

  1. If so, does anyone have a pic? I would love a bag this color but have yet to see one. Thanks!
  2. The only blue stella I can remember is a dark blue, with a suede lining.
  3. Yes, in 2004, they made an dark blue (navy looking, but not quite called "Indigo". It had silver padlocks and I believe white stitching. I loved this color. Sorry I don't have a pic.
  4. I remember a deep blue (not quite navy) with red stitching...I believe this bag had a suede lining. I think it was fall 2004 collection.
  5. I remember the bag jlm is talking about. It was a deep blue with blued suede lining. I don't remember the trim but I do know it was def a fall color
  6. I've got the dark indigo version w/maroon suede lining and stitching, and have seen the one you posted the NM link for @ MJ awhile back, and it had turquoise suede lining and stitching. As far as I know, those are the only two...definitely not aware of any darkish blue with cotton canvas linings.
  7. good, because i can stop looking but bad because i won't have a blue stella. i love the suede lining but it is too heavy for me.

    yours sounds really nice!
  8. Thanks, I especially like the blue/maroon contrast...it's certainly very heavy, but I'm used to carrying a lot, and have grown to prefer my weightiest bags. If your looking for something on the lighter side, memory serves that fabric lined stella color combinations include: grey (bag) w/very light green (stitching & lining), peppermint w/maroonish stitching and pinkish striped lining, cucumber w/pink, black w/pink, black w/cream, red w/brown, white w/grey...I know there's more...anybody recall any others?