MJ Eugenie

  1. Can anyone tell me anything about the MJ Eugenie?? I bought 2 of them lately and am waiting for them to arrive but I don't know too much about them. I did see a berry and loved it, I took a peek inside and saw it was a nice size too/ Any of your pics would be appreciated. it looks like a wonderful clutch.

    When did it come out??

    Is it a nice size?? What can you fit in it??

    What does inside the purse look like??

    Are they faked at all??

    How much do they sell for in the stores??

    Please post any pictures you may have of this bag.

  2. I don't have one but it appears it was introduced in Fall 2007 line. eLuxury has them for $395 and the dimensions are 9.5"x 6"x 0.75". They also show the interior to be canvas similar to the zip clutch. Unfortunately, they are faked. In fact there are some on iOffer now. :cursing: Which colors did you get and where did you get them?

    Here are some photos I found:

  3. That's really cute!!!!
  4. Yeah, I haven't seen that before IRL. Very cute!