MJ Eugenie Clutch?? any1 seen it??

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  1. Hi ladies,
    i've been looking for the Eugenie clutch forever!! it's the one tha'ts quilted and the one with the gold buckle....any1 seen it or is it still available anyone online or store besides eBay? plz let me know..i'm desperate to find one..thx
  2. [​IMG]

    This Eugenie is available at Shoptwigs. No gold buckle tho. HTH
  3. there are several versions of the eugenie clutch, were you referring to the one above or this one?


    and then there are eugenie patchwork clutch..
  4. There's a white one of these on eBay at the moment. I haven't a clue about how to authenticate so maybe one of the more experienced MJ girls could take a look...


  5. Joke, I've been going this long without seeing that, why did you have to show me now!?:push: Those effin mini push locks go right where it hurts!:sweatdrop:

  6. ^ that color is so pretty and the leather is super soft. it's definitely a good buy.
  7. YES YES YES!! THis is the one I'm referring too...can any1 help me locate it besides eBay?? plz plz plz..thanks :smile:

  8. Have you tried calling a MJ boutique?
  9. The color on this is gorgeous!! :drool: :drool:
  10. i would suggest calling the mj boutique too, does anyone know what season this was from?:confused1:

  11. I believe it's from Fall 2007.
  12. i just love the mini pushlocks. they are so damn cute!
  13. i agree fall 2007. they were available at Nordstrom in the late summer in black, brown and off white (i think) and they sold out in a blink
  14. I was at Nordstrom in Westfield (SF) this morning and I could have sworn I saw that quilted eugenie in black. I tried to look for the tag to confirm but it was tagless. In case you want to call them and ask for it, it was right next to a black small cecilia...HTH!
  15. The photos of the purple clutch are actually a little darker than the bag looks IRL. The main part of the body is a little lighter, more of an orchid shade. It's actually prettier in person!! Hard to believe, huh? This is a great color combo.