MJ equivalent to Manhattan PM?

  1. I got an LV Manhattan PM a few weeks ago, and I adore this bag. It's the perfect size and shape. However...there are times when I don't want to carry a logo bag, and I really love leather bags. Is there a MJ equivalent to the Manhattan PM? I saw the Venetia and thought "Manhattan GM", but haven't seen one in the smaller size, and without the belt.

  2. I believe there is a small and large venetia, but both come with belts. I can't remember because the last time I saw the venetia was in july and I'm fairly certain the SA brought out 2 bags.
  3. GM: Venetia
    PM: Blake
  4. ^^ ohh that looks prettyy.. :love:
  5. Oh wow.....I love pink!!!

    Thank you all for your help, now I know what to look for!
  6. Blake can be worn on the shoulder too, it's a great bag.
    Just like Chloe's Mini Paddy, MJ's mini Venetia looks somewhat off. The hardware looks more proportioned on the regular sized bag (Paddington Satchel, MJ's Venetia or Blake).
  7. the mini venetia somehow reminds me of a bowler.. :shrugs: