MJ Elise


Mika Luv!
Sep 7, 2006
Hello all,

I am new to PF and this is my very first posting :yes: (although I have occassionally been browsing the forum and have found it very enjoyable and useful at the same time!).

Anyway, I would like to see everyone's opinion with regards to this bag for sale on Ebay:

eBay: 100% AUTH MARC JACOBS CALF BLACK LEATHER ELISE BAG (item 330062787255 end time Dec-20-06 15:12:14 PST)

Seems like the seller had a bunch of MJ Elise's in almost every color. Since these are no longer for sale at retail stores, it seems like Ebay is the only place to get it from. I have been wanting an MJ Elise for a few months now.

Do you think this bag is authentic? Would you buy it??

Thanks in advance for all your help!!!
This should be in the authenticate thread, but no. it's fake. beware of sellers that sell the same bag in multiple colors for a price ridiculously lower than retail. And also sellers that only have one picture. DON'T DO IT.