MJ Elise Search!

  1. Hi All,

    If anyone has seen in the MJ Elise purse in either Chalk (white/cream) or Midnight (blue) at a Nordstrom or NM recently--please post the location and which one(s) you saw! I'm contemplating getting it....


    Oh, btw--here's what the Elise looks like:

  2. So pretty! I will keep my eyes open, good luck, I think that is a lovely bag, especially in the blue color.
  3. I love this bag too..I'm getting the black of course
  4. I really want one, not just bc it's gorgeous, but bc that's my name!
  5. Check out Bluefly, I maybe wrong but I could've sworn I saw an Elise there yesterday.
  6. I'm specifically looking for the Elise in the new quilted patent leather...
  7. I saw the cream one at Holt Renfrew a couple of days ago, I know that really doesn't help you, but it's a gorgeous bag! The SA referred to it as pink thought with really turned me off of that color. Pink is a bad word to use around me! Good luck in your hunt.
  8. I just saw this bag In NM in Boston ( Copley Mall) - I loved it and thinking of buiyng myself :smile: . I initially wanted it in black , but I thought this color blush - is perfect for summer.

    The SA told me the have it in black , blush and green.
    I am curious , since it's patent leather , is it easier to take care of if it gets dirty ?
    Eluxury has it in black and
    looks like bergdorfgoodman has it blush and black

    The bag is gourgeous , the only thing , the inside is white farbric material and I wish it was a darker color or suede
    ( I am a little paranoid about it getting dirty ) :oh:
    I guess that' why most of my bags are black :smile:

    Hope this helps
  9. That's really interesting about the green! My NM (San Diego) told me that the NM only has the bag in blush (pink), black, and chalk (white/cream). I'm going to call Boston and see if they have it in green! Thanks for the info--I'm really on the hunt for BLUE!!!
  10. I want you to get BLUE!!!!!! Don't give up! It's out there somewhere!:biggrin: ;)
  11. Hope you find it in blue -it's a nice shade , although green is fun summer color :smile:
    I will post if I see it in midnight blue anywhere
    Good luck ...
  12. It's gone now :sad:
  13. Browns in london have the elise in the chalk color
    the web address is www.brownsfashion.com and they do overseas ordering
    i hope this is of help to you.
  14. elux had some blues a while back - that's where i got mine from. it's a great colour! maybe try Marc Jacobs boutiques - they can tell you when they'll get more colours in.