MJ Elise Question ...

  1. does the Elise bag come in a Quilted style currently or has it ever?
    If so, what colors and where can I find one ???

    THANKS :smile:

  2. Elise Quilted Patent style came in Black, Blush, Chalk, Cola, Midnight for Spring 2006. They are sold out in most stores.

    Elise Quilted Non-Patent style is coming back for Resort 2006, Nordstrom's buyers choose Black, White Chiffon, and Topaz. Their expected delivery is 10/16/06-11/30/06).

  3. Thanks!
    I ALWAYS want a bag when it is the hardest to find :smile:
  4. Wow, that's great the Elise is coming back!!
  5. (info from MJ store) In addition to Black, White Chiffon, and Topaz, MJ boutique will get Almond as well. Topaz is described as 'washed out teal', 'blue-ish green'. This is the first time Elise is made in quilted non-patent.

    Nordstrom's MJ look book shows a blue colored Elise.

    NOTE: Please do not buy Elise from non reputable/trustworthy sellers, there are countless fakes. I have seen non-patent quilted version before too even though quilted styles didn't come in non-patent then.
  6. I was REALLY hoping to find a Black Patent Quilted Elise, but No Luck, it is Sold Out:crybaby:

    The only way I would probably buy on ebay is if I knew it was from someone here... :flowers:

    My SA at NM said he would call me when the Resort 2006 collection arrives, so I will probably just get a Black NonPatent one :smile:
  7. Will the blue Elise be different from the topaz and will it also be quilted? I love the midnight color but I really don't like the patent leather in anything but light colors. I think at this point I'd choose a quilted Elise over a new Stam.
  8. Resort 06's QUILTED CLASSIC Elise is made in Black, White Chiffon, Almond, and Topaz. This is the only line for Elise this season.

    SOFT CALF Elise (Spring 06 & before) and QUILTED URSULA Elise (Spring 06 only) are no longer made. Soft Calf is non-quilted and Ursula is the name of MJ's patent leather line.

    * SPRING 2006 *
    12.5 x 5 x 8"
    Colors: Black, Chalk, Midnight, Cola, Blush

    Colors: Black, Linen, Sweet Pea, Blueberry, Butter, Nutmeg, Putty
  9. 'blue colored' Elise is supposed to be Topaz Elise, the picture didn't show the true color well. Description of Topaz is correct (washed out teal, blue-ish green).
  10. Have all the Elises for Resort 2006 shown up in stores yet?

  11. MJ in LA has the Black Quilted Elise!

    Stella emailed pics last night :yahoo: BEEEUTEEFUL!

    Oh how I wish it was PATENT tho...
  12. victoria -- there was actually a black patent on BG yesterday but of course, being such a beauty, it was snagged up.

    i too love the elise and think the non-patent version will be just as beautiful!!! :love:
  13. So the Elise comes in black leather and patent? Is the leather quilted? Can you please post a picture of the leather one? Thanks!
  14. I saw the black quilted patent Elise on Neiman's website a couple days ago and was contemplating it but it was gone in a flash! (I wonder if a lucky tPF-er snagged it? I hope so! :graucho: ) Maybe it was a customer return or something since its from Spring 06? You might want to just check the websites for Neimans, saks, etc. from time to time. You never know if it pops up again.
  15. yep! I was able to grab it! :supacool: Hope it's in good shape.