MJ Elise or Christy???

  1. I just bought an MJ Elise in a mocha leather with red stitching and gold hardware, but now I'm thinking about exchanging it for a Christy in natural or light grey. What do you think?
    I'm having a hard time deciding. The Christy seems more practical. Help!
  2. I'm not a "hand" bag kind of girl. It drives me nuts not having my hands free, so I prefer a shoulder bag. The Christy definitely gets my vote. I really want to see this in lavender. The pics of the white Christy are gorgeous, too.
  3. Since you have doubts about Elise and find Christy more practical, go for Christy.

    Have you seen Deborah? I like totes more than hobos so I like Deborah more than Christy.
  4. elise in a different color. i think it's more elegant
  5. I vote for the Christy! I looove this bag. And I agree that a shoulder bag is so much more practical. Also, the Christy is super light-weight.
  6. So here's my bag - just so you can see what I'm talking about. I still think it's beautiful, and still going to have a hard time parting with it... but I think I'm going to return it for the Christy. Leaning towards natural or light grey.
    DSC01370.JPG DSC01371.JPG
  7. ^ That's the Olive Elise. Elise is a great bag, but I find the Christy more practical for everyday use, since you can carry it on your shoulder and it's super light. I say get the Christy in Natural! It looks better IMO with gold hardware than the Light Grey or Lavender.
  8. I say go for the Christy. I have been eyeing that one as well. And it has a great name. ;) :graucho:
  9. Thank you all for the wonderful advice! I went to MJ today and exchanged the Elise for the Christy in natural. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!
  10. Glad you love the bag, congrats. You know you've made the right choice when you don't miss the bag you exchanged:yes:
  11. thanks! when i first brought the elise home, i just put it on my dresser and stared at it for a couple of days...as soon as i brought the christy home, i immediately started putting my things in it. :yes:
  12. Now you KNOW that was the right way to go. Congrats!! Could we see some pics, I need to look at something purty!
  13. Yeah, congrats! Pictures please!
  14. Well, the lighting is kind of bad in this photo, but here it is! Isn't it just lovely? :yes:
  15. Congrats on your new Christy! It's beautiful!
    At what MJ store did you find that Elise, it's gorgeous!