MJ Elise Bag

  1. I would love to purchase the black Elise bag. Does anyone know what retailer may have one in stock? Thank you so much!!
  2. a black patent quilted elise, or just a regular black leather elise?
  3. Quilted Patent Elise is sold out, but keep checking NM's URL. Good luck. =)

  4. Thanks BagLover. After seeing the pictures of the quilted, I have to say I like it better. It is beautiful. If anyone sees one at a store or online (NM, Net-A-Porter.com" target="_blank" class="TPFinsert">Net-A-Porter, etc..) please let me know. Thanks. K
  5. I am positive I saw one at the Bloomingdales at the Falls Shopping Center in Miami tonight-pm me if you want phone number and sa name there.
  6. I have the quilted version in black, I really like it a lot more than soft calf version. Have you seen members' pictures in List MJ Bags thread?

    YAY, habanerita saw it. Hopefully, you can get it. =)
  7. I will call there tomorrow. Wish me luck! Thanks. It will be my first Marc Jacobs. I just saw him on Oprah this past Friday. I have been waiting to buy & hadn't made my mind up until now. K

  8. So what happened? I hope you got good news when you called!

    I'm bummed I missed Marc on Oprah!!!:sad: :sad: Was it a full interview?
  9. He was on for about 15 minutes. I think it was a repeat. He brought Oprah a beautiful LV bag. They talked about his beginnings - I think he may have said Perry Ellis. Did a fashion show w/a lot of grunge & they fired him. Grunge since went on to become popular. They had a fashion show showing off his clothing & bags. He was super appreciative of his fans. Talked about his old days - drinking & partying. They also gave a tour of his studio (I think it was in Soho). They showed his creativity at work. It was a great interview. Oprah stated he rarely does interviews, because he is somewhat shy. I will let you all know about the bag if I have any luck. I had a busy day w/both my daughters (5 & &) getting ready for back to school.
  10. Thank you to Habanerita for sending me phone numbers/stores to call. I really appreciate it. K
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