MJ dustbag?

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  1. My kittie messed up one of my MJ dustbags. Any idea where I can get a new one? I am in Los Angeles.
    Thanks so much.
  2. PGHandbag, good idea. I am a little hesitant about those that are sold on eBay but asking at a legit place seems a great idea. Thanks so much.
  3. Hey pato, this happened to me too! So, while I was in NYC buying my ZC I asked the SA for a new one, and she just threw like 3 in my bag! She was super nice about it, so they must have a bunch lying around!
  4. Agree, don't know if you already got a new one, but going to the SA's in department stores is usually the route. I bought a MJ bag at NR and they didn't have a dust bag but the Nordstrom store gave me one without a problem!