MJ Drummed Satchel: True Red Or Chestnut? Thoughts?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Does anyone own a Drummed satchel? I am interested in one but my color options are True Red and Chestnut. One is brand new with tags for $480 and one is slightly used/near perfect (the red one) for $350. How are the prices for these bags? and, how is the ease of getting it open and on/off the shoulder?

    Lastly, which color??

    Thanks !
  2. I like the red.
  3. I would go with the red too.... I'm not sure how easy it is to open that bag since it has a flap opening that is secured with a padlock... I think I would leave it open at most times for easy access but I would feel unsafe if I did that. I think it's comfortable on the shoulder, but it does have double straps which I've heard can be annoying with one strap flopping off. It is a great looking bag, so maybe it's worth it!

    The prices sound reasonable... At least that is what I've noticed on ebay. The 200 range would be a great deal, whereas in the 300's it is more average selling price.
  4. What is an MJ Drummed Satchel? I don't think I've heard of this style? Could you post a pic, please? :P
  5. Fall 05's Chestnut Satchel (pic from Saks online)

    Fall 05's True Red Satchel (pic from BG online)

    ADINA and SATCHEL are regularly $1400 and $1195 respetively. They are heavily discounted at outlets now.

    Fall 05's Adina (picture from Saks online)
  6. Definitely the red. I almost got this when it was released. It's gorgeous.
  7. Several members have these bags here, you can search the forum for additional pictures & feedbacks.