MJ Dog Collars/accessories???

  1. Has MJ ever made a dog collar? I would love a pushlock dog collar! Wouldn't that be cute? If MJ made a collar/leash set and a dog carrier, I would definitely buy one. I have a little dog (a boy) who is currently wearing a pink Juicy couture collar (thank my teenage daughter for that). I think it's time for a change, though.
  2. Oh My God, How cute would that be! I don't have a dog, but I would definately buy them if I did. Coach makes REALLY cute pet accessories though! Nothing like a MJ pushlock though.
  3. that would be so cute! I think he made a sweater for dogs once...not so sure about a dog collar.
  4. Well, I guess I am going to have to send an e-mail requesting push lock doggie accessories. That would be soooo cute! Picture that with a soft-calf doggie carrier with pushlocks....LOL....I would buy that.:p
  5. Oh my god, how cute would that be. I'd buy a dog, just to carry one of those!
  6. i would love mj dog collars and leashes. since he has two dogs of his own that he loves so much to name bags and perfume after them, you'd think he would've created a pet accessories line. at one point, i heard news that he was going to and call it 'barc jacobs,' but the idea sort of died away. maybe i was mistaken and it was my own wishful thinking.
  7. ^ that would be adorable! I'm surprised he hasn't done anything like that.
  8. [​IMG]

    I don't think this is real MJ, but there is a bark jacobs out there!
  9. ^^ OMG. so cute! my little min pin (lloyd) would chew those up in 2 seconds though.
  10. I need dogs. I'd go Marc Jacobs style and name all of my pets after people that truly inspire me. My first dog, Marc. LOL
  11. hehe so cute! doesnt htat brand play on a lot of different brand names? maybe im wrong.

    barc jacobs would be so freaking adorable. a pushlock collar clasp would be really really cute but i feel like doggies would be able to unlatch it easily by accident.

    I don't think this is real MJ, but there is a bark jacobs out there!
  12. oo oo they do have other ones. like a chewy vuitton
    [​IMG][​IMG] or jimmy chew
  13. I seriously need a dog. Now.Those are so cute!!