Mj Dianne!

  1. I'm still in love with my Caroline (and still looking for another in Ivory or Burgundy) but I think this MJ bag is so cool:

    Marc Jacobs -  Dianne Shoulder Bag -  Neiman Marcus


    Is this a fall06/winter07 bag? What can you tell me about it? Does anyone have the Dianne yet? I'd love to see photo's.

  2. I like Dianne, it has 3 suede lined compartments. It's made for Resort 2006 and Spring/Summer 2007. The one in the picture is Cocoa from Resort 2006.

    DIANNE (Resort 06)
    15 x 10 x 5"
    Colors: Black, Tapioca, Cocoa, Scarlet, (Olive)

    DIANNE (S/S 07)
    15 x 10 x 5"
    Colors: Black, Brown
  3. I love the style of Dianne, but the leather (of the ones I saw from Resort 06 batch) is stiff. Plus, The mini pushlock is hard to open.

    The mini pushpocks are for decorative purposes only now for some of the S/S 07 bags (Christy, Deborah) - design improvement. There's actually a magnetic snap beneath it, we no longer need to open the mini pushlock. I assume that S/S 07's Dianne would have this change as well.

    The mini pushlock is very cute, I definitely like it more than the leather pull tab.
  4. I was in love with this bag..TILL i saw it IRL...it had the worst looking leather..I was shocked cuz it looked cheap IRL
  5. I agree with Jill. IRL it is much stiffer than most of MJ's other soft calf. It definitely looks cheap. However, I only saw it in black, so maybe the cocoa is better!
  6. I guess this means that beauxgoris and I need another Saks/Neiman's day to check it out IRL. :lol:
  7. Isn't MJ known for good quality leather? This surprises me--I wish I lived closer to stores that carry good brands so I can see them IRL. You can't tell everything from photos. Nice style and color--too bad the leather isn't as nice.
  8. ^^^ Maybe.... :p - i'd love to have this one - but only if it's "on sale" which i'm sure wouldn't happen for quite a while. I'm still pretty in love with my MJ caroline for now+ I think Bottega Veneta is next on my list.....

    I do love this bag.