MJ Diane and MJ courtney bag

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  1. I bought the Diane in black.HATED IT..too big and heavy...
  2. clu if you get a chance look at these bags IRL because the Diane is a very big bag that is almost like a briefcase. I don't have the Courtney but I have the Sienna which is a similar style and I love it. I love the fact that the bottom is expandable.
  3. I have a Courtney and I absolutely love it! It is very large and roomy and can be made bigger with its expandable bottom. I also like how it is a slouchy hobo style which does not make it look so bulky against my body even though it is so big. I am pretty short so that is important to me.

  4. Hmmm.... I hate big and heavy bags (which is ironic as I am an MJ addict:P ). Maybe I'll pass on the Diane
  5. Also, the Sienna is a little smaller than the Courtney. Very cute shape and eluxury had them on sale recently in the Black.
  6. I know, I"m getting very obsessed. I'm so eager to get the Blake, but other bags just keep catching my eye. It's sickening I tell ya!:love:
  7. Clu, congrats on the Blake, I'm sure you'll love it. As for the Diane.. blech, don't like it. Julia would be cuter but is still boring to me... Sienna is OK, I considered it for a minute but passed on it also. They're both at Nordstrom rack, take a look before you decide. Seeing them both IRL settled it for me.

    bag.lover, you're too funny! Joint custody! :roflmfao:
  8. I was just looking at this Diane yesterday because I want a tote- I'm so glad you said it's too heavy. After I pile work stuff in it, it would probably be a drag to carry... I think it's really pretty though.
  9. I have a black Courtney and love it!
    Can I ask where they have more online? (if you don't mind sharing)...I"m looking for other colors and don't see any....all sold out...I even called Neiman, Saks, etc
  10. Thanks Grace! I actually had emailed that seller...didn't want to pay that price e/t still a great deal. There was another one listed...the lady was really nice...she originally listed it as a sienna with the sienna measurements, but we had a good dialogue and she realized it was the courtney and that it measured like the courtney...Anyhoo, I'm the proud new owner!!!! I got it for $650 with shipping...Best part of all, my prada recently sold on ebay (a nearly NEW Black vela sport ...sold for $300 what a SIN...husband not happy b/c it was a gift from him but I never wore it)....so I only "paid" $350 out of pocket!!!

    I now have 3 MJs. A black Susanah (the best bag on earth), A black Courtney and a Raisin Courtney!!!!
  11. I like the Diane bag. I'm not too crazy about the Courtney.
  12. courtney def.
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