MJ Daisy! Do you like the fragrance?

  1. I recently purchased Daisy the spray, and the body butter. I used it and my husband wanted to know what the stink was!!? Do you all like it or is it overpowering? I can't decide I just love the bottle!!:confused1::hrmm:
  2. i havent actually smelled it yet. but i did sign up on that daisy website, and "won" one of those daisy keychains...but i never received it...did that happen to you muggles, or any one else?
  3. i recently tried it on at sephora. i liked it at first, but then it started to smell too sweet. after it dried down, it made me smell like a powdery old lady. i love the bottle, but the scent is just not for me.

    i supposedly won one of those keychains too, but i never got it. i also signed up for the free sample. i doubt i will get that as well (not that i really want it at this point).
  4. i tried some on from a magazine sample.. it smelled okay from that, but really it's probably nothing compared to what it woudl smell like from the bottle.
  5. I signed up for a sample and won the keychain, never got either!! I guess my husband is right it "stinks"!!Now I have got to stop buying things that I have never smelled!! I have "Blush" and "grass" and "essence", hubby does not like any of them!!:yucky:I thought I liked Daisy but not if it offends others!!
  6. This past weekend, without my permission, this perfume counter associate sprayed me with it. I was just looking at the bottle!!!! I can't say that I was a fan either. It totally clashed with what I had on, and gave me a headache after a bit...man, do I sound like Debbie Downer.
  7. Yes, I rushed out to buy it, bc the magazine sample smelled good...but WAYYYY too sweet for me...oh well I ended up getting D&G light blue
  8. d&g light blue is yummy, but my fave is calvin klein euphoria or issey miyake :smile:
  9. ^ ck euphoria is nice! i want to try the new prada perfume. right now i'm using a scent i had custom blended at le labo, but i want something new. hopefully, the prada is the clean, fresh scent i'm looking for.
  10. I know I'm in the minority here but I LOVE the Daisy fragrance! I got the large bottle for my birthday. I do switch off between this and Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche.
  11. I got a quick whiff of it. I thought it smelled good. I like the sweeter, fruity scents though. I'd have to smell it again to say if I really like it or not.
  12. i haven't tried it. i LOVE my marc jacobs cotton! it's a fresh, lovely scent that's perfect for the office. it's a shame it's discontinued.:tdown:
  13. My husband and I were at Bloomingdales the other day, and the SA sprayed it on me. It smells so fresh and light! I absolutely loved it, but my husband got a headache from it almost immediately and said that never happened to him before with any other fragrance (?), so I guess it's a "no-go" for me....
  14. i love it! i have received so many compliments.
  15. I love it! But I can't decide whether it's a 'summer' or 'autumn' fragrance. It's really sweet, but heavy at the same time.