MJ Croc of Q Riz? Where?!

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  1. Hi all! I'm extremely new to this forum and am certain I'll get some great info. Elux has the Croc of Q Riz bag but it's on pre order until March and I prefer to see it in person before I order. Recently saw someone with the green so I'm assuming some stores have it already. Has anyone seen it IRL, and if so at what stores? I want to see it in electric blue but none of the stores by me in NJ have it. Any info would be great. TIA!
  2. the boutiques might already have them. i haven't seen them in the department stores yet, but they may not be getting them. maybe you can take a trip into the city and check out the bleecker street stores.
  3. Check out Bloomies or Elux online. I think I saw them there!
    I don't think it's pre-order now?