mj.com e-commerce site launches this august!

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  1. exciting news, right? here's the excerpt from wwd where it got a brief mention.

    THROWING A WIDER NET: With less than two weeks to go until the Marc Jacobs show, company president Robert Duffy has taken to Twitter to ask for staging suggestions. On Monday, he tweeted: “Any ideas for a stage set for our fashion show? It’s at the armory on 27th Street. I’m stuck. No idea. Something minimal please? I have one week!” Still, Duffy seems to be taking it all in stride — telling WWD that last season’s fashion show wasn’t nailed down until three days before it took place.

    Duffy joined the microblogging site on Friday and a few days into it, he’s not sure how long he’ll last. “Marc says hi! He loves that I’m doing this. He thinks I’ll be bored in two days. Let’s see.” One of the reasons he signed up for Twitter was to prepare for the upcoming launch of a Marc Jacobs e-commerce site, set for August. Meanwhile, Duffy revealed a few non-Twitter-related tidbits to WWD, including plans to debut a lingerie line in spring 2011. — Amy Wicks

  2. WAHOO!!!! So exciting!!
  3. If they ship internationally that would be awesome!
  4. Wow! That would *probably* mean a lot of our bags wouldn't be taxed, eh???
  5. oh yeah! MJ skivvies!!
  6. Exciting! :yahoo:
  7. Thats great.
  8. dito lilahbelle, yipee!!
  9. wooooohooo that is fab!!!!
  10. oh that would be so great! i think i would be in serious trouble though!!
  11. HOORAY!!!! :yahoo:

    rachie, i think you're right!
  12. that sound you hear? Is hundreds of wallets and bank accounts screaming in terror.
  13. :lol: And husbands!
  14. haha! i just hope they sell all the cute slg's that the boutique and department store buyers seemingly refuse to order.
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