MJ Colors - Help?

  1. Just when I thought I was over this whole purse thing, I got bit by MJ :shame: My question is... does anyone have an MJ bag in violet? If so, what is the color really like? I see it in photos, but I can never really tell what it truly looks like. Is it more pink, or purple? How bright is it, and how does it look with the hardware?

    Also, does anyone have an MJ bag in the color pistachio? From what I've seen in pictures, it's a pretty light green. Any first-hand experience with this color?

    Thanks! :nuts:
  2. ^oooh, I love that color! Hope a tpf-er gets it! I would if I weren't waiting on the beautiful Elise!
  3. Thanks for the info, guys :smile: I'm trying to decide between a couple of bags - one is violet, the other pistachio. Both colors look so pretty, but I just can't choose! I looove green bags, but my personality and style screams violet :graucho:
  4. I had a Sophia in Violet... the color was great but brighter than I liked. I've seen traded over to the Maroon Sophia, which is a dark burgundy almost purple color.