MJ Color:Petroleum Blue? So pretty...

  1. It was a blake and it was under authenticate this...it just got sold on eBay...so pretty!!! Why haven't we heard of this color before - I like it better than Peacock I think!! Wowweeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I can't say I've even seen this color before... it looks like it has dark gray suede lining? I've seen light petrol and petrol, but never petroleum blue. Wish I could had asked the seller for a view of the tag to confirm the color!
  3. Its such a pretty color...I think I saw it before online but confused it with Peacock.

    The bag, overall, looks authentic though..right?
  4. I saw that Petroleum Blue Blake on eBay. Gorgeous bag! I hope a tPF’er was able to snag it. I just saw the auction after it ended, but if it was still active I would have totally went for that bag. (Like I really need another blue bag though! ;) ) The color looks almost identical to Peacock Blue to me, at least photowise. Just the stitching/interior color is charcoal, instead of navy. It is really hard to capture the true color of MJ bags in a photo though, so in person it could be different. Absolutely beautiful though! :drool: :love: :heart:
  5. I emailed the seller after all, and she says the official color is "seafoam blue." This color has been mentioned on vogue's page, so it must exist!