MJ color in amethyst?

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  1. Has anyone seen MJ handbags in the amethyst color? The color is a pretty deep purple color. Your opinions on the color.
  2. Yes, my local Nordy's has a few bags in the color. It's a deep purple but is not like an eggplant purple... More like a crayola purple crayon? That's the best way I can describe it...
  3. What do you think about the color?
  4. I have seen this color (for Zip Clutch & Sling) in person, it's very beautiful. Amethyst & Linen are my favorite colors from MJ this season.
  5. I've seen an amethyst Daria IRL. Gorgeous.
  6. I love that color. Nordies didn't buy that color in the blake and I so want a blake in that color. I heard NM had it, but I haven't called and asked yet.
  7. Love the color!
  8. I've seen the amethyst IRL, and prefer the eggplant. But since I'm desperate for anything purple, the amethyst is fine.
  9. This season's Amethyst actually looks different from older season's Amethyst which was much darker.
  10. This season's amethyst reminds me of last Fall's maroon color. I just love that color and bet it would look great in the Blake style!
  11. I ordered the zip clutch in amethyst. It is a very pretty purple with pink/red undertones. Perfect fall color.

    Jeez, I hope DH never reads this board because if he finds out I ordered another zip clutch he'll never stop calling me the "Bag Lady".:wtf: :P

    Slightly OT-

    I always thought the zip clutch was just a really big wallet until I saw another TPF member with hers and I just had to have it. It's proven to be a great summer carryall and I take it more than my LV Wapity when I go out.

    I now own 4, including the one I just ordered. I'm addicted :sad: :crybaby: :yes: :love:
  12. I´m so jealous:yucky: And also happy for you :lol:
  13. I am thinking about getting the zip clutch in amethyst, where did you order it from?
  14. Do you think this color would make a good everyday color?
  15. Oh Wow! 5 zip clutches? You are inspiring me to check them out!! What colors do you have?