MJ Cola Shiny Quilted Leather

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  1. Has anyone seen this color in real life? I'd love a more "accurate" description of it. It looks nice on the mj website, but I noticed that the Fall Icy Taupe is much lighter on the website than it is in real life... So I'm wondering what the cola is like. The guy at the MJ store said it looks like coca-cola, but with a mauve undertone. I'm not sure if he knew what he was talking about....

    So if you've seen it--please share! And how would you compare it to the taupe from fall 05. Thanks!
  2. I haven't seen it, but the SA @ MJ LV called it brown. To me the taupe from aw 05 is brownish, so I didn't ask any more q's. It's so hard to judge unless you see it in RL.
  3. I like the taupe since it seems "neutral" but the cola is pretty on the website. However, I'm worried that it's not that attractive of a brown....

    I need someone to compare the color to something, but all they could tell me was that it reminded them of coca cola with mauve undertones. To me that sounds really dark!
  4. Yeah, I agree. That's a color you're going to have to see in RL and make the judgement from that. It might not photo well.
  5. I heard from the SA in San Francisco that it's a WARM brown. But then again, she told me that it wasn't going to be shiny - so I dont know if she really knew.

    I looked on-line too, and it didn't really photograph well, which is why I didn't go with it.
  6. You have to take what the SA's say with a grain of salt sometimes. I had one of the MJ guys tell me the stam was lambskin or goatskin (can't remember which one he actually said), and I was all "oh ok, sure it is."
  7. Actually, I noticed the tag on the new ivory patent stam that's currently on eBay says goat leather, whereas the putty, ivory, and black tags said calf leather. I guess the patent stams really are goatskin!
  8. Yup, a SA told me that the patent is a coated/treated goatskin.