MJ Clutches. Help me Decide. Pics are attached

  1. I have a $125 gift card to Zappos and i found these two beauties on their website. I really need a clutch i can throw a few things in for a night on the town. Which do you think is a better choice? The bronze is $160 and the black is $180. Thanks!
    mjclutch.jpg mj2.JPG
  2. i saw these bags irl on tuesday. i think they're both really cute and the silver one really "pops," but i like the second one better. it looks classier and i think that it will go with a lot more.
  3. I sort of like the first one better. The 2nd one reminds me of the Coach wristlets for some reason.
  4. They are both beautiful. The first one is a more "special" though, and the second one seems more classic, so it depends on what you are looking for.
  5. i really like the first one and i think it would be really fun to bring to a night out.:tup:
  6. I actually have my eyes on both those styles as well but I'd pick the first one over the second though. Good luck in deciding! ;)
  7. They're both really cute but I like the 2nd one a little more. You can't go wrong with either though!
  8. I like the second one, it looks like it will go with just about anything.
  9. I'd go with the bronze one. The black is classic. But the bronze I think would go with more. You wouldn't use the black clutch with an all brown outfit for example where as you could use the other one with brown or black etc. You could always get both! :yes:
  10. they're both way cute, but I personally like the second one better. however, it does remind me of Coach, as thithi mentioned.
  11. I really like the first one, but they're both cute!
  12. the first one! i like the shape better, and i got a look at the metallic in person, and it's pretty subtle, not too bright or shiny at all.