MJ Clutch wallet owners -

  1. How do you like them. Are there very user-friendly. Does anyone have a pic of the inside. Thanks so much!!
  2. thank you - that's a big help and yours is just gorgeous!
  3. I have one in Brick Red, and it ROCKS! Yes, it can be a bit heavy. But I love that it functions as a clutch if you don't want to carry a whole bag. I can even fit my checkbook inside. And if you had a slim mirror and/or one of those lipstick palettes sized about like a business card holder, you could fit that inside, too. I highly recommend this wallet.
  4. I have one in black and it holds everything. I love it and use it 90 percent of the time.
  5. I have one in graphite and it is my favorite wallet ever! It holds everything, is very well-organized, and I love the looks of it. I don't find it particularly heavy either, but I think I'm just used to heavy bags/wallets.
  6. i recently bought a zip clutch wallet in sap green :yahoo: and i love it! and yeah, it is great when you don't need to carry a lot of stuff with you; just grab the essentials and go!
  7. I LOVE my clutch wallet. I bought it on total impulse while browsing the MJ boutique in Maiden Lane, SF. It is to date my favorite MJ purchase. I especially love the contrast of the rich teal leather with the royal blue suede interior. I get so many compliments on it. AND it means MJ is with me always - even when I am carrying one of my lesser bags! ;)

    Here are a couple of pics that don't really do it justice since the flash washes it out a bit.

    IMG_6506.jpg IMG_6510.jpg
  8. thank you everyone- they are gorgeous and I think I must have one. Are they on sale anywhere (wishful thinking)!
  9. Loriw, certain colors (discontinued ones) are on sale.

    Nordstrom: All styles from Soft Calf Leather line in Putty, Butter, Linen, Denim, and Orange are 40% off. Ask a SA to hunt it down for you, a lot of stores don't have any left at this time.

    Bloomies: Lobster (red) & Moss (green) were 30% off; told by SAs that there's an additional percentage (15%?) off sale items. Ask a SA to hunt it down for you, a lot of stores don't have any left at this time.

    Saks: not sure (my local Saks don't have much selection).
  10. what Nordstroms have the zip clutch on sale?? I want it soooooooooo bad!!!!!
  11. Me toooooo!
  12. only in the denim color though :sad: