MJ Christy Hobo

  1. I just saw that bag the other day...I LOVE IT. It's hawt. I'm in the process of procuring a large MP for myself, but if I wasn't, I'd consider that bag.
  2. i actually tried on this bag and it is super duper light considering it's an MJ. it sits very comfortably on the shoulder. i like the bag alot. i am STILL deciding between the christy and deborah. aargh!:shrugs: let us know what you get.
  3. I really like the Christy's style but prefer the leather and the rolled strap on the MP. Good luck with your decision!
  4. I love this bag - Tried it on at Nordstroms a few weeks ago. Decided against it only because I am left-handed (wear bag on right shoulder), and buckle shows to back. Not too bad looking on right, but still bothers me.

    I have to stick with the symetrical bags. One of many reasons I am crazy about the MPs!!!!!
  5. I like Christy, it's very light as well. I would go for this style over Multipocket.
  6. I wear my bags on the right shoulder most of the time, I never thought about this. =)
  7. I saw the Christy in person yesterday as well and I really like it. I'm a big fan of hobo style bags. I don't know if it's more comfortable than the MP on the shoulder though.
  8. same here, I ONLY were bags on right shoulder, i never thought about this either...so funny...
  9. Drat, just checked this bag out at Nordstrom's and it doesn't have a top zip. It's a gorgeous bag otherwise. It comes in black, white and a pretty denim blue. The white is especially pretty.
  10. Ooh, I really like this bag! From the picture it looks like the strap might be adjustable...does anyone know if it is? I need a bag that can be worn both on the shoulder and cross-body.
  11. Yeah! - It's just come up with bags in the past year or so-

    I was really excited about the Coach legacy line about a year ago- but couldn't take the backwards look of their straps when on right shoulder and actually returned a couple of bags when I figured it out.

  12. In case anyone was interested I found out the answer to my question. I don't know how :shame: but I ended up in the Marc Jacobs store after work. They had the Christy in blue which was just what I wanted to scope out. As beautiful as it is I found out that the bag can't be worn cross-body. The strap is slightly adjustable but the weird thing is that you can completely remove the strap all together! The SA thought it could be worn cross body but you definitely can't. Just as well :s
  13. Well now that is interesting - because that means you could reverse the buckle side on strap and it could be a lefty-bag!!!!!
  14. I really liked this style at first too, but I think after I tried it on I realized it was impractical for me. I couldn't find a color that I liked either, white was the only one that worked for this style, because of the gold hardware. The lavendar and light grey just didn't look right with the hardware.