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  1. Good morning girls!

    Noo it's Sunday already.. Where did the weekend go :sad:

    Sorry to hear about the bag thunder :sad: major seller woes.
  2. Good morning!

    I know, why is it Sunday already?

    So, I got this vintage Chanel from Japan. Paid on Monday night and it was here Friday afternoon. It was authenticated in the Chanel subforum.
    It's a 4 series (1996-1997). That means she's as old as my teenage daughter! The leather is amazing and it looks like the bag wasn't used much. The hw is also 24k gold plated (says in the booklet). Here she is:


    I will do the same for my other 2 daughters, get a Chanel bag from their birthyear ( 2005 and 2008). They can have their birthyear bags when they're older and ONLY IF they want it.
  3. Pretty! And that's a neat idea to get them one from their birth year.
  4. Thanks faith. My teenager is not (yet) into bags but the 2 little ones are. Thursdays the 7 yr old has music class and I usually bring the 3 yr old to keep me company in the waiting area. This Thursday they were toting their cute little girl purses and when we got there my 7 yr old suddenly burst into tears coz she forgot her music book, but not her purse! :lol:
  5. gorgeous chanel lj! aww your daughters are cute :smile: that's a great idea about the birth year bags though, i will keep that in mind for the future
  6. So pretty and classic lj! And what a great idea about the bags from their birth year! I love it.

    Hey pooky, hey faith. Did you get the burger faith??
  7. no, i got the same one i always get. i don't like trying new things :p
  8. Thanks pooky and Nikki. I'm not in a hurry though to get the other 2 their birthyear bags, lol :smile:

    Nikki, did you get my PM?
  9. I did get it, lj! I'll reply when I'm at home. :smile:
  10. You've failed me. *sigh*
  11. i have no excuse
  12. Oh lj, that is a beauty! Your daughters are so lucky that you are doing that for them.
  13. hey frugal

    does anyone have a beige paradise angie?
  14. Thanks Frugal. It is a beauty. The quilts are not super puffy, a little puffy but the bag's still looking good. I told DH of my idea but he doesn't know I got one already, lol!

    faith, what burger? When we were there, we had the best burger ever. Slater's 50/50. The patty is half ground beef, the other half is half bacon! Hello heart attack! Lol! It was so good though. I think there's one in Anaheim too.
  15. Ok! :smile:
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