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  1. faith, i can't help it. i would rather give up my panda than see one hurt. BUT we could always see if we can find more pandas somewhere so we can all have one? i know the zoo has a few. could you smuggle one of those home with you? :lol:

    as for cillian, i find him a bit creepy too. i guess my impression stems from the batman movies and that movie where he's a crazy psycho on an airplane w/ rachel mcadams.

    IG, i'd love to see pics of the birthday cake you're making for dd! :smile:

    marie, who else are you claiming dibs on? heehee...while we're at it, i'd like to call dibs on adam levine. :graucho: i just love him and his voice.

    nas, good luck to your boys! i thought of you yesterday, since there was a coca cola nascar trailer before the avengers movie.

    btw, dh told me there's thor 2 coming out sometime?? can't wait! :p the next movie i'm looking forward to is snow white and the huntsman, which ironically also features chris hemsworth.
  2. ^^Oh dear, I am afraid a list of all the gorgeous men I would like to call dibs on would take us too far :amuse::graucho:;)

    And I agree: I'd love to see pics of the cake too, IG!! :smile:

    Hi nas, faith, everyone!!
  3. morning!

    ok, i'll post a pic of the bday cake. it isn't fancy or anything. i had a heck of a time with it. it broke in half, doh! but luckily it turned out ok.
  4. DD's birthday cake. Mermaid-themed.
    alaina bday cake may 5 2012.jpg
  5. I used fruit roll ups for the seaweed. Some of the fish are actually buttons. Gummie octopus. Not professional but DD loved it.
  6. Good morning!

    And that's what counts! I think you did a great job, and it's much more fun than a store-bought cake. I just showed the cake to dd and she wants one!
  7. Wow!! That cake looks great, IG! I can imagine DD loved it :biggrin:
  8. Faith, did you put the PTTM natasha back on the bay?? I thought it sold? NPB?:rant:
  9. morning!

    thunder, i'm up for stealing a panda if you're up for providing security with a distraction

    it's cillian's eyes that creep me out. they look empty. i suspect he's part zombie.

    Thor 2 will be out 2013, which i was going to comment is a couple years off, but i obviously don't know what year it is now. CA2 will be out the following year

    what a cute cake, IG!

    marie, oh, no, that transaction went smoothly, thankfully. this one is a different bag :yes:

  10. Well, I'm annoyed. I bought a bag, paid, and just got a "sorry, that shouldn't have been a BIN" message and had it refunded. Wonderful.
  11. Cool!
    Scary, terrible, frightening wreck yesterday. Sometimes when I see the wrecks I don't want to watch anymore. They had to cut him out of the car and airlift him to hospital. They say he will be ok and is very sore. I bet he is sore!!! :wtf:
  12. Good morning ladies!

    IG, you're such a sweet and creative mom! Great cake.

    I'm so jealous of those who have watched The Avengers. DH and the older kids watched it already. Nobody to watch the young ones so I haven't watched it yet. But I did read the 2 books after The Hunger Games (Catching Fire and Mockingjay) in 2 days, lol. That's why I was MIA.

    I hope everybody's having a great weekend!
  13. And Yay! Finally a new thread.
  14. Urg, I'm having a rough weekend with DS. He's just giving me a hard time with getting homework done and doesn't want to do anything I ask him to do. Now, we are sitting around, not doing anything fun as his punishment. I hate it!

    Now I need to know what it was. That sucks!!

    Hi lj! Sorry you missed out on the movie. At least you read the other 2 Hunger Games books. I liked them a lot. They definitely suck you in.
  15. Hey LJ

    Sorry about DS, nikki. Give him the grocery list?

    it was this bag

    i'm so behind on everything today...
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