MJ Chat Thread!

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    Thanks lake effect.. No power no way to get out of my garage and snow in October. Gotta love Cleveland.
  2. it looks pretty, though!
  3. Wow, that looks very pretty nikk :smile:
  4. Yes, nikk... it is pretty to look at... But that is about the only positive thing about snow ;):biggrin:
  5. Yeah it's pretty until you have to walk in it.. It snowed all day and now it's past my ankles! My power just went back in (12 hours later).
  6. Morning!
  7. Good morning and happy Friday!
  8. Ah my ban accidentally didn't work.. Stupid apps with designer sales. Well I still have a ton to sell but mulberry is on rue la la today and I decided that the Alexa looks sorta similar to proenza schouler.. So I got the cheapest one because I didn't really want to spend a ton but I had a 300 dollar credit on rue from returning stuff.. So maybe that means I won't feel like I need a ps1 now.. For now haha

  9. I have two larges and love them but always wish sometimes they were a bit bigger so an xl is a better everyday bag.
  10. Hi ladies! It has been a few weeks, so I am quite behind. I hope everyone is doing well!

  11. You didn't miss much, it's been quiet!
  12. Hi everyone!
  13. Thanks - thinking of getting it with silver hardware !

    It just looks like such a fab bag ;)
  14. Morning!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.