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  1. Last thread archived due to length.

    Continued from here.
  2. Wow! Finally a new thread!
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    Just got home. The Avengers was amazing. I'm not even a comic book fan and I loved it. And now I'm sleepy. Hope everyone's having a good night!
  4. a new thread! wowee!! and we didn't even have to sacrifice any bags! :lol:

    we saw the avengers in 3D tonight. totally enjoyed it! i missed the 2nd end scene though. i only saw the first one. oh well!

    nikki, miss blue chanel is still boxed up. i'm *almost* ready to cut the tags off. i know, i'm being silly. heehee...i did use the black valentine one this past weekend for the first time though. :p i used the bal again tonight. i'll try to get some pics sometime. heehee...

    we get to babysit my 10 month old niece for the first time tomorrow. my sister and her dh are celebrating their wedding anniv, so we volunteered. i'm excited, but nervous. i guess i'm afraid i won't know what to do if she has a crying fit. eeks! wish us luck. heehee...

    hope you gals are having a great friday night/weekend! :biggrin:
  5. yay! at last! :wlae:
  6. Noooooooooooooo! This can't be happening! Did the ritual sacrifice talk finally catch peoples attention?!
    Sad we didn't make it to 1000 pages though :p;)
  7. Nas, Faith, I do think it was the sacrifice a Stam talk that made the new thread happen. Obviously just talking about it is enough to trigger all of the tPF alarms :biggrin:;)

    And faith, yes, we can share the irish. My parents always taught me to share ;) Dibs on Colin Farrell though... And Cillian Murphy
  8. Woah... Happy Saturday and a bright 'n' shiny new thread!

    Um... Can we still sacrifice the fake pttm? Please, oh please?

    Btw, who is the official winner of the panda? My panda wants to know where she'll be visiting her sister at?

    Glad everyone liked Avengers! So how many saw it? 3... Jun, faith, and thunder? Now I wanna see it.

    Thunder, I don't think it's silly at all to have the blue Chanel boxed up still. It's a very big decision. Better to wait a while and make the right decision, than to rush into one you'd regret. :yes: Can't wait to see more pics of the bal soon. Do you feel like the color is a neutral?

    Hey marie! Will you have some time to relax this weekend? I don't know how you do it... Always going! We watched We Bought A Zoo last night. I remember you said you liked it, yeah? It was cute. My kids enjoyed the random foul-language! :::p

    Hi pooky! Hi robo!
  9. Yes, we can still sacrifice the fake PTTM... And the seller with it :rant:

    Now I want to see the Avengers too... I can't stay behind ;)
    And, yes, I did like We bought A Zoo :smile:

    And I have some time to relax this weekend so all is good :biggrin::biggrin: What are you doing this weekend, Nikki?

    And I think we all win a panda just for making 925 pages :smile:
  10. Alright, I'll get to work obtaining that pttm. ;)

    Glad you'll have some down-time. I don't have too big of plans. Kiddo's baseball game this afternoon and I am thinking of going to a local wine festival if the weather is right.

    Do you have any plans Marie? Besides finding a suitable place to keep Panda.
  11. dear god a new chat thread....i thought i would never see the day...it feels so squeaky clean and open yay!!...

    missed avengers last nite. DH took too long to get ready, so there was no way we were going to get decent seats. maybe tonite. i really wanna see it bad
  12. morning! it's so gorgeous out. i woke up wicked late, though, oops!

    aw, sorry you missed it, jun. you definitely need to get there early for good seats. i have to see it again because i still have no idea who alexis denisof (wesley, buffy & angel) played

    you're only thinking of going to a wine festival, nikki? it's wine. who are you?!

    glad you liked it! here's the scene you missed. only 30 seconds, not really spoilery if you haven't seen the movie, but doesn't make sense if you haven't seen it, either

    i won't fight you for colin, marie, he doesn't meet the height requirement ;)

    we'll split up the pandas. it's only fair. i think we're one full panda short, though, so...someone get the knife?
  13. You did wake up wicked late. I like saying wicked. It's very 'Boston'. :p

    I'm thinking of going to the wine festival because I would have to watch my kids and drink at the same time. Not a winning combination.

    Fook me. I got in line at the Starbucks drive-thru before i saw the line. Goodbye 20 minutes of my life and $10 on gas.

    It's a very nice day. I'm happy to wear shorts, even though I'm pale.
  14. Whew! I will go check the closet, but I believe my collection is still intact. No phantom Stam stealers came in the night.
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