MJ Chat Thread

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  1. good morning everyone!
  2. morning loves! So for some reason I feel like I got more than 3 hours of sleep last night.. NO clue how lol but I'll take it

    Have a good day everyone!
  3. Glad you don't feel too tired MM!

    Morning Dawn :smile:

    new thread already? Even though it's been quiet lately it seems we only just started the other one!

    Anyway I'm off to bed, have a good day all!
  4. Morning, Dawn and MM! Sorry your sleep was so non-existent, Sheri - hopefully you don't crash later. Are you feeling better at all?

    G'nite, LB! Get some good rest:hugs:

    We had a really rough night. Poor little monkey:cry: She had such a high fever and was just miserable between that and her congestion. This stuff's trying to settle in my chest but I'm still hoping we can kick it in the next few days. I have huge plans with my besties for Saturday and will literally sit down and cry if I can't go.
  5. i hope you monkeys feel better soon! :heart:

    i have to present at a project review soon. not nervous but really hope that the one guy doesn't ask me a million hair-brained questions like he does to everyone else.
  6. good morning!

    there's still time, pm. don't lose hope yet. i have faith she'll be better by then.

    i hate people who ask questions during presentations. it's a pet peeve of mine. even when they're good questions.

    caption: the american carmen miranda.

  7. Thanks, Dawn. Me, too!

    GL on the project review - tell Mr. Chatty to zip it;)
  8. Ha! Great cartoon:lol: Sad but true.
    Thanks for the well wishes, Tad!
  9. Good morning ladies! I love the cartoon tad! :lol:
  10. :sunshine: morning and long time no "see" ladies :lol:
    it's rainning and cloudy today
  11. Morning ladies! :sunshine:

    Good to see you back here, D! :biggrin:

    tad, thanks for 'giving' me something to do this morning! Playing with personalizing a LV. :P
  12. That's kind of addictive, Tad! I wish my initials didn't spell a word, though. I feel like people would wonder why my bag said "Ask":amuse: My maiden name initials spelled "Ash" which was purty cool since that's what everyone calls me.

    Good to see you, D! How are you feeling?

    I'm off to take babymonkey to the doc. TTYL, girls!
  13. i have a vintage mono speedy 35 and a damier ebene 35 - love them both so much :yes: the only hand-held bags i own and i really use them! so light and i can fit SO much inside.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.