MJ Chat Thread

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  1. shiny new chat thread! :smile:
  2. Geez that was fast!
  3. i know! it seems like we just started one two weeks ago.
  4. Hi ladies! :biggrin:
  5. We sure are a chatty bunch!! Hope you gals are having a great Sunday!
  6. I most certainly did! Had brunch in Ikea and then helped my friend picked out stuff for her apt followed by shopping in the outlets was fab! :biggrin:

    How's your Sunday, pm?
  7. woohooo a new and shiny chat thread!
  8. A new one already?

  9. beb!

    ugh, i think i need a nap..
  10. just popping in to say hi. hope everyone is having a nice sunday.

    off to be productive... bye!
  11. Indi! YOU LOOK SO CUTE!:cutesy:

    That swirly face thing freaks me out though! :shocked:

    Also, you are tiny! What you talkin about wanting to have a bod like that other chick? You look GREAT!

    Thanks for showing us your cute haircut!
  12. hi and bye schum! :P

    awh, thank you beb! :biggrin: and yes, that swirly face freaks me out to at first too.. hahahahaha.. bad choice!
  13. ohh ohhh i think we're looking at the same cheat.. i was just looking for some info and found your post.. :lol: but i think i'm gonna pass on it.. :yes: hope you get it beb!
  14. Wow new thread already!!

    Morning girls! My work computer hates me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.