MJ Chat Thread

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  1. Continued from previous thread.
  2. woah! it's all brand new squeaky clean! thanks vlad!!
  3. Si, I do think that's a pretty accurate color representation. It is def. a bright little thing.

    I'm 5'5 and I like the size of the small. But think about all the shorties here who LOVE their huge ones! Go with what you like :tup:
  4. i love that hillier, rachie! :tup: June I think it'd look great on you too. :yes: What doesn't!

    I'll def. post pics of the bordeaux zc. I'm excited to see the color IRL!

    Tad ~ they should definitely hire you!
    I was leaning towards the stam too but considered the cecilia since it's a style I dont have. Unfortuantely, I wouldn't be able to get a black strap for it so I think I'm going with the stam. Did you get the grey LZW too?
  5. LOL...i could name several things: beer shirts, mini skirts, cargo shorts, the color pink. LOL
  6. Sweet, it is really too bad you can't the black strap :sad:
    I REALLY REALLY wanted the stardust cecelia as my birthday bonus treat but that's making me think twice...do I need to be slapped for having that stop me?
  7. no..i think it'd be stunning!
  8. Jun, the color is insanely awesome- buy it!! I would say the size all depends on how much crap you want to schlep around?

    I just bought the MbMJ saffron hobo/tobo? for $156 @ cusp!! I think they goofed on the online price the other day...I place my order and then they cancelled it !!! But I called today and they did a price adjustment for me :smile:
  9. woah! cool! when does it arrive?/
  10. every time i see the chat thread's been closed, my heart skips a beat and i'm afraid we did something wrong!

    the grey lzw hasn't been delivered anywhere yet, but i do have the blue one on its way to me.

    the hillier is an awesome bag and i love me some purple. get it, jun!
  11. I paid extra for shipping since it was so freaking inexpensive lol
    I will have it Tuesday!!
    Meanwhile, the proto hobo I ordered from Barney's is going on week #2 to get here!!
    Tracking update says 'on a truck for delivery' but scheduled for Monday?? WISH I would have coughed up the extra for shipping
  12. oh that blows paula!!

    tad, im thinking about it. ;)

    holy smokes...i went vintage shopping/thrift storing yesterday and found a DONNA KARAN all leather jacket with the store tag plastic thing still on. $5.99...i nearly died! the leather is like some of the most godly leather i have ever handled...spanish lamb says the tag. im sure it must have retailed for at least $2000. im still on a high from finding it...i wear my kate moss for topshop one all the time, but this ones cool, it has that mike & chris thing going on. it has a knit, leather edged hood and knit cuffs.
  13. awesome find, jun! i wish i had the patience for consignment and vintage boutique shopping. i bet there's a lot of awesome stuff out there that i'm missing out on because i can't take the time to leisurely look though the racks, kwim?

    paula, you gotta get the stardust cecilia for your bday! i think you'll regret it if you don't.
  14. ahh, my mother and father are on vacation in italy right now. they were just in london last week. yeah, lucky them. grumble, grumble. she said she bought a few surprises for me. i love and appreciate that my mother is always thinking about what i'd like, but when she shops for me, it's usually a disaster.
  15. Jun-that is insane!!!! Scoooooooooooooore! lol

    Tad, I know....I will probably still get it, I just love cross body bags so I can carry my 6 mo. old around and not have a bag fall off my shoulder.
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