MJ & Chalk Quilted Ursula Leather

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  1. Does anyone have anything in the new quilted ursula leather (patent) in chalk (white/cream)? How's it been holding up? Is it picking up dirt?

    I'm curious because it seems like the best way to have a white bag with some "protection"... Thanks!
  2. ^bump
  3. I don't know, but I am hoping, like you, that a quilted bag would wear better. I have an MJ Elise Chalk coming from NM. Hopefully, someone out there knows.
  4. I've got the stam in chalk but haven't worn it yet. Patent is the most resistent to dirt, stains, etc. No waterspots, if you get something on it just wipe it.

    The chalk patent is gorgeous! It's such a girlie bag!
  5. Me too! I saw a quick glimpse of the bag--decided against it because it was "white"--got the hobo, realized what I really wanted was the Elise. But of course, it's gone from my store, so it's being shipped out to me now. But I'd like more info on how it "wears" before I commit.
  6. I saw the MJ Elise in Black and it is gorgeous. I don't need another black bag - I need white! The SA showed me a teeny tiny picture of the Elise in chalk, so I am hoping I will like it. I am not too worried since it is coming from NM and I can return it, but still, I need a white bag and I am running out of options that I like.
  7. I liked the Elise in black a lot--then I wore all black the last time I saw it and it didn't look great. It looked sorta flat and just 2 dimensional. And the midnight didn't look good on me. So I think chalk is a good compromise. It'll be nice against black and work well with denim--at least that's what I'm hoping...

    I'll definitely need to try on a bunch of outfits and see how it looks. But I agree that it's a good white option! The chalk and gold hardware look very nice together.
  8. I have the Quilted/Patented Elise in Blush, I like it very much. =) I haven't started using it yet, but TFS members said that stains can be wiped off easily.
  9. Hi Bag.lover... can you please post a pic of your Elise? I haven't seen this one IRL. Thanks! :amuse:
  10. I am attaching a picture I saved from TFS, the one at the lower left corner is Blush. I personally like the Quilted Patent version b/c it brings out the 'dressy' side. I would describe this 'blush' as a neutral pink (feminine and sophiscated) -- doesn't scream 'girly' though. I feel like I am not making any sense at all. =)
  11. I am really digging this purse. The blue looks so dreamy but I would take this bag in any color. It reminds me of a spunky LV alma LOL!
  12. My SA called me today. She had to search high and low for the Elise in chalk, but she finally found one and is having it sent to me. She didn't know it was such a hot bag especially the chalk color.
  13. Gorgeous colours! I was considering a quilted MJ Blake (colour undecided) but it's so hard to find one here in Australia. No quilted ones on eBay that I can see and NM, Saks, etc doesn't ship here. The thing about the Blake that appealed to me was the longer handles.

    Could the Elise be used as a shoulder bag? Or is it just hand-held/crook of arm bag like an LV alma?
  14. Hi ladies - I'm new here but have been reading/"stalking" TPF for months now.....

    I too am IN LOVE with Marc Jacobs' quilted patent leather Ursula collection -- the white/"chalk" color looks fabulous in real life . . . I saw it in person at the MJ store and it looks amazing. If I'm going to buy a white bag, most likely it's going to be that one coz that shiny coating (on the goat leather) is easier to take care of than regular white leather.

    I'm actually more inclined towards the bowler bags in this same SS '06 MJ Ursula collection....but want to get some opinions from y'all. It's the exact same material, but different handles and fewer buckles; comes in two diff't sizes, the medium bowler is like the Ursula "Elise," the large one is a lot bigger and more like a travel bag. IMO the Ursual bowler looks a bit younger compared to the Elise and can be dressed up or down...which is what caught my eye (I've been looking for a classic black quilted bag as an everyday bag but every time I try on a Chanel it just feels so old & not really me....but MJ's version of the black quilted has that "cool vibe" that I like). Anyway Mischa Barton has this exact bag in black (it's featured in the Spring '06 People "Style Watch" issue) and here are some photos.



    The Ursula bowler retails for $975, just a tad bit cheaper than the Ursula Elise. What do you all think?....which one would you prefer? Any comments would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Welcome Foxy! The bowler is a cute bag. I decided that it looked "younger" than the Elise. So since I'm 31, I wanted something that was a little more tailored, i.e. the Elise. But the Bowler is tempting...

    The downside is that the handles are a bit "fat" so if you have smaller hands, it's harder to carry--especially the large size one. The one that Mischa has is the large size. I'd recommend trying the bag in the store and seeing what you think. The smaller size bowler was a little too "cutesy" to me.
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