MJ chain straps

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  1. ok i've recently started to fall in love with MJ bags.. esp the quilted stuff. I've noticed that many of them have chains shoulder straps... do any of you find it uncomfortable or does it make the bag heavy?
  2. sometime mine gets twisted at the end where the leather piece attaches to the o-rings. also the straps kinda dig in, but i LOVE the style too much!
  3. nope! love it!! i got a little stam for christmas and its greattt!!!
  4. i have the regular stam, and carry it by the handles never the chain.

    my bag is fall 2005, so there's not a lot of weight to it (the chain), but the bag itself is rather heavy.
  5. I have the baby stam. They chains do tend to dig in after a while. I don't wear it if I know I have to carry the bag for a long time.

    Once a friend picked up my purse and said it felt like I had rocks in it. lol!
  6. I have the quilted multipocket, and the chain digs in a little if I carry too much stuff around. I don't find the chain itself uncomfortable.
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