Mj cashew hillier

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  1. Hi everyone!
    What are people's thoughts are about the Hillier HUGE Hobo in CASHEW?
    It caught my eye... and looked good with jeans on hen I checked it out at store...
    It's lovely for the fall... but what about all year round?
    easy to match?1? or an odd colour??


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  2. I would worry about color transfer with jeans JMO that is why I did not get anything in Dirty Martini
  3. i think it's perfect for year round use! a good neutral :tup:
  4. I haven't seen it IRL but I'm sure it's a yummy color!!!
  5. I can't pull the color off and the size is waaay too big on me.
  6. I would worry about the color transfer, especially with a beige purse. The blue will stand out. I have a grey kooba and this happened to me. I just ordered a bag in the dirty martini and did not think of this!!
  7. I saw this at Nordie's and Loved the color! It's a really pretty light mustard-y color (the name cashew has me a lil' puzzled). I think it's a great color and would provide a great punch of color through fall/winter. The thing that freaks me out about these bags is that the leather tends to eat denim color! If you carried it on your shoulder I doubt it would be a problem, xbody I would just be very cautious about the pants you are wearing.
  8. I have a MBMJ bag in dirty martini and have worn it several times with denim. Luckily, there has been no color transfer.
  9. Like the other girls have suggested, I would worry about color transfer
    I have the hillier in wine, which is a deep burgundy color, and it still has some debit transfer.