MJ CAROLINE help please!!!!

  1. I don't know anything about MJ bags (although I love his clothes)- but i've fallen for his "Caroline" bag. I'd prefer to find it on sale or on ebay, but this of course makes me nervous. I know enough to know that this isn't one of his more popular designs, so therefore I was hoping no knockoffs, but maybe this is wishful thinking. Should I be wary? Were there knockoffs of this style made?

    Any advice would be much appreciated! :flowers:

  2. I haven´t seen knockoffs from that bag. It´s absolutely gorgeous.
  3. I have seen knockoffs (very bad looking) of Caroline, please be careful. I am sure DGJEANS' listing is authentic:
    eBay: 2006 $1495 MARC JACOBS Black Chevron Caroline Frame Bag (item 150020389561 end time Aug-15-06 12:13:10 PDT)

    Caroline was on sale on eluxury, but it sold out. It's still full price at NM & BG.

  4. The only one I every saw on sale was the marone looking one at Nordstroms...I think the black is better. maggie
  5. ^^Thank you for the warning bag.lover! Can you look at the auction I posted in "authenticate this" to let me know what you think?

    p.s. bag.lover (or anyone else that might know) - since you've seen knockoffs of this bag - can you tell me any warning signs or things that would give it away as a replica bag?
  6. What were the original colors that this bag came it? (to help me weed out fakes!)
  7. The large size Caroline that you have posted came in burgundy and black. There were also versions that had python detail--basically where there are two "slim" strips of regular leather, there was python instead.

    The bag is relatively "old"--I believe it's from last Fall if not older... The only places I've seen it pop online occassionally are nm.com and Saks.com. At this point, if you REALLY want the bag, your best best is to go through nm.com and pay full price or try ebay. Good luck!
  8. Thanks Wicked! I'm hoping that you ladies can help me find an authentic one on ebay! :heart:
  9. ^^I'm thinking about that auction. I was hoping to find it for a tad less. It seems I just missed one last month that went for around $500.00 - aarrggg!!
  10. wickedassin - do you have this bag?

    (or anyone else for that matter on this forum - does anyone have this bag in the lg. black size/model?)
  11. I had the medium version of the Caroline--which I sold on the MP I... So I no longer have the bag. Is there anything I can help you with?

    My medium version with the python detail was lined in hot pink suede. But I think the ones in all plain leather were lined in burgundy suede...
  12. ^^Wicked~ I was wondering (for the large size) if it could be comfortably worn on the shoulder - or if it was a crook-of-the-arm bag only. I saw the one that you posted, but i'd like to find the plain front as over time I think the python would take a beating.
    thanks for trying to help me though! :flowers:

    I can't believe that not a soul has this bag in the lg. black size. Humm, what does that say about my taste! haha
  13. This bag is very elegant and classy. Some people find this particular style too dressy, I just love it. Great choice! My favorite is the plain leather one as well.