MJ canvas mouse shoes - are they durable?

  1. I just bought a pair of Marc Jacobs mouse shoes in silver canvas from NAP and was a bit suprised about the material when I received them. It looks like it would be damaged very easily. I have pair of mouse shoes in black velvet and they already look really used eventhough I have only worn them a few times , but I was hoping that the canvas would be more durable. Does anyone own these shoes (or similar MJ canvas shoes) and could tell me whether they hold up ok in use? I really like them, but if they're not going to last in normal use I will send them back..:crybaby:

    ps. sorry for for the bad english, I hope you can understand everything.. :smile:
  2. are these the ones with the mouse face on them? hm didn't know they came in canvas or velvet.... are you sure the 'velvet' ones aren't suede?
  3. They're not the ones with the actual mouse face (I wish, they're so cute!), but the style that's called mouse flats. Here is a pic of them. :smile:
  4. ok that's what i figured. sorry can't help you then :sad:
  5. babelic, i have the exact same pair and i've worn them heaps. i sprayed them with some waterproofing stuff first and i've found that they've held up very well so far. the only thing i've noticed is that some of the silver threading is coming out very close to the sole but it's not enough for me to be concerned about. i think they still look really good. hope that helps.
  6. They are cute.
  7. Thanks :flowers: I guess I will spray them with waterproofing spray before use and hope for the best :smile: