MJ Calfskin in the rain.....?

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  1. I just got caught in the heavy rain 2day with my Be & D bag which held up very well - can't see where it was wet, no staining etc.

    I am wondering how MJ calfskin does in the rain. I'm always unprepared it seems, so do I need to be careful with this? I don't want to ruin a great bag. Thanks!
  2. I would suggest using a leather protectant on your bag if you think it might get wet. Here is a similar thread: Rain drops on Venetia pink bag!
  3. I've got caught out in the rain with my stellas... the raindrop marks go away when it dries.. but i hear this is not the case with every color
  4. Thank you - I guess I'll have to pretreat them just in case. Unfortunately it's always a downpour when I get caught offguard so even that may not be enough. Today 75% of my purse was soaked through as well as my outfit. That plastic bag in the bag sounds like something I need to start doing as well.
  5. I'd definitely suggest a leather waterproofer! The other day I spilled a bottle of water on my soft calf bag but the apple leather protector I put on it made the water bead up and wipe off really easily. Don't know how the protector holds up in a deluge though... (don't know if I want to find out, hehe.)
  6. Has anyone sprayed a waterproofer on a MJ bag? I would like to know before I try doing it?
  7. Yup, used the rain and stain guard from Apple leather care on my oatmeal soft calf and my black mbmj turnlock shopper. Didn't change the color/texture at all (but still test in a non-visible spot before spraying!)..
  8. Does anyone know where I can get apple leather care products outside of the US?

    More, I have a MBMJ lil ukita in mink color, that is a purplish gray color. As much as I LOVE it I also haven't used it a lot bcause I'm afraid due to the color it might get dirty easily. Anyone has a tip in preserving the new condition of my new beauty? Anything simple like i heard I should put the bag on my lap, laying on its back etc?
  9. Are you able to order from Amazon outside of the US? If so, you can order it from there.
  10. I've heard so many people speak against apple care that I cancelled my order. I have a linea pelle that I wanted to get a stain off of. And I'm expecting a wild raspberry Fran any day now. Wanted to spray it with the rain protectant but I'm scared to ruin the bag. Anyone have a bad experience with mbmj and apple care products?
  11. I've used it on a couple of my MBMJ bags and haven't had a problem. What problems are people having?
  12. Issues with color removal. For the cleaner and conditioner anyway. That was enough to scare me of the water repellant too.
  13. I did have an issue with color removal when I used the Apple Care cleaner and conditioner on my TT Sia, but then the next day I couldn't see on the bag where the color had come off. I haven't used it on any Classic Q bags yet and i haven't used the water repellent. Does any one have a favorite product they can recommend?
  14. A good leather condition/lotion works wonders. A small amount dispersed throughout the bag and then a water protectant will keep your bag safe during a heavy down pour.