MJ Bowler vs. YSL Muse

  1. I have been eyeing the YSL Muse and want it sooo bad lol, however I already have the MJ bowler, do you think they are too similar?
  2. BagLover26, they are totally different to me. =)
  3. i think the muse looks more similar to MJ's Hudson instead of the bowler.

    MJ Hudson:

    YSL Muse:
  4. Just to throw in my 2 cents, I think if you are lusting over the Muse, go for it! Having danced around with one IRL, I can completely understand! I included a pic of Selma Blair (from popsugar.com) with her bowler. Did you get a quilted one as well? The two are certainly different.
    Go for it! :yahoo:

  5. Totally different bag. I agree with Zoinksta though that the Hudson (my next purchase!) and the Muse are similar.
  6. yes, i did get the quilted one, I guess they are very different!! Thanks girls!
  7. has anyone ever seen the muse on sale on sold authentic on ebay?