MJ Bowler, Ursula, or Damier 30?

  1. Help! Trying to decide between these two bags... then a friend tossed a third into the mix, and I'm torn!

    Choices: MJ Bowler (smaller size, not the huge one) in Chalk Patent, Ursula in Cola, or the NEW LV Speedy 30 in the new Damier. The two MJ bags are being sent to me... both were on sale at Nordies. The LV is sitting at my friend's house because she ordered a 25 and a 30 and chose to keep the 25.

    Why I'm torn: wondering if the Ursula is too big for every day, and wondering about the color. Wondering if the Chalk Patent is too light a color for year 'round. Appeal of the new 30... so few people have it already. But... handles could be a wee bit short to carry comfortably over the arm. Currently carrying my trusty MJ Black Calfskin Tote.

    Thoughts, everyone???
  2. Hello BagHound,

    Ursula is the name of MJ's Patent Leather line. Which style is the one in Cola? You mentioned it being big, I'm guessing that it's the big tote? I like the small Bowler in Chalk a lot, it's very cute! It's easier to keep clean than the regular leather Bowler in Ivory, dirt/dust can be wiped off the patent leather easily. Members are concerned with patent leather changing color (the light ones) over time.

    You are lucky to get Chalk & Cola bags at discounted prices, I am told that those colors (except for a style called Lee) are not on sale. They are still regular price at Nordstrom/NM/Saks/etc. =)

    Besides being hand held bags, I find Damier Speedy quite different than Bowler. They are made of different material (Speedy is mostly canvas) and pattern (Bowler is pretty much logo free). If you prefer leather bags and less busy patterns (Damier has has less logos than Monogram line though), go for Bowler.

  3. Thanks for that info. Indeed, it's the Ursula Tote. So did I understand you to say that some members have reported color trouble with the patent leather in lighter colors? (Appears part of your post was abbreviated/cut off.)

    Got both at Nordstrom through a contact at the Grand Avenue store in Chicago. He told me they price match, so perhaps that's how they were able to offer those colors on sale. Not sure. Web site says Nordstrom is the only store to have the Cola color, however. Called Seattle and South Coast Plaza first, and were told those colors and styles were NOT on sale... so was lucky to find such a super contact in Chicago. He had one of the Cola Ursula Tote left in stock, but found the small bowler in Chalk at another location for me.
  4. I have the MJ bowler in chalk. I find it rather formal, but it helped at my last job interview. It definitely is professional and classy looking.
  5. Need something for everyday... dress up or down. Purchased the large bowler in Bronze... but returned it. Decided it was too big. Wondered if I made a mistake, but the sale price on the other two I scored was too good to pass up! LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bronze color, however.

    Am addicted to MJ bags. Have a Venetia in Silver, Stella in White, Calfskin Tote in Black, and now the Cola Ursula Tote and Chalk small bowler on the way. Debating selling the Silver Venetia on eBay but am unsure. Also thinking of selling a Celine bag I scored during a sale last year at Nordstrom. Believe style is Verdine. Color is Sand. Carried it for one week, but decided color was too casual.

    Anyone have thoughts on that bag? Know the one I mean?
  6. Baghound, you are a lucky girl; if the SA were to price match to the exact color/style (saks/nm discounted lobster & moss), those items would still be regular price. =) Small Bowler is sold out at many Nordstrom stores too. I saw Cola Tote at SCP, it's a nice color (i like it more than MJ's Taupe Quilted Leather bags).

    I forgot to mention in my last reply that I have a small Chalk Bowler as well. -) I see Bowler as a casual bag, but patent leather gives it a dressed-up look; it can be dressed up and down.

    I haven't heard members reporting color trouble with theirs yet, but some asked people with leather expertise. There's a thread on Patent Leather issue here:
    All bags in light colors like White/Cream require more care, regular White bags will no longer be white-white over time as well (they need to be re-dyed). Some store managers said that (even if discoloration were to happen) it'll take a while.

  7. Hi BagHound! While I, too, am a huge MJ fan, I vote for the LV Damier Speedy 30 because I love big bags. You don't have to worry about the patina as you would with the LV Monogram Speedy and with the Speedy 30, there's enough room for a scarf or gloves or mini umbrella when you need it.
  8. I like big bags, too... but the thing about the Speedy is that the bottom isn't as "formed." My friend put cardboard in the bottom of hers to help hold the shape, but I'm not sure I'd want to have to do that... hence my leaning toward the Ursula tote or Bowler.

    Okay... so the Blue Bowler. Definitely hot, but wondering if that color will go with much. I never ever ever ever wear anything blue. Is it one of those exclamation point colors, such as the Sap, where it'll go with everything? Just not sure. My friend who was with me when I looked at the Blue was giving me a thumbs down on it. Jump in, everyone! Would love opinions here!
  9. For anyone who hasn't seen Midnight Blue Bowler yet, there are pictures from an authentic listing here:

    I see it with dark outfits? My friend said that midnight blue + patent leather are too much on a big bag, she likes it on small items like Zip Clutch.

    A lot of people can relate to the fact that Speedy sags. =)

  10. I vote for Chalk bowler. I have the small bowler in black leather, and I absolutely love it!
  11. I think the midnight blue is a versatile color. In my opinion it will go with dark colors ie black, brown, grey. It will also go with light colors(looks amazing against white) and it even goes with bolder colors too.

    I don't think that the color is flashy or over-the-top by any means. I think it is fun and unique, and classy as well. Black and white bags will always be available in every season, by many different designers, but a color like the midnight is a much rarer find.

    I think this is a color that people will remember for seasons to come. MJ doesn't repeat colors (unless it's standard like black), and I think once all the midnight bags are gone (they are getting there now as they are extremely scarce), I have a feeling that this is a color that will be remembered and looked back fondly upon.
  12. I like the damier 30....not digging the blue bowler. I just have never cared for that color, but I have few blue things, except jeans. If you don't have a serious, good feeling in your gut, you need to wait until you do. It's kind of like picking the man you want to marry....you just KNOW. LOL. good luck. All three bags are great. I don't think you could go wrong. :smile:
  13. Hmmm, tough call, but a great "problem" to have, right?!

    I'd say the Damier= great and classic practical bag

    MJ blue bowler= incredibly memorable and fun bag (I agree with angst on this one)

    If it were me, I'd go with the bowler since it sounds like you already have a practical bag.

    Let us know and post pictures!
  14. Among Damier Canvas, I prefer Knightsbridge (more stylish & structured). At $1280, I think it's too pricey. It totally reminds me of Celine's small Dorine satchel which is made of all leather, yet it's less expensive! Among Monogram Canvas, I prefer Batignolles.
    (source: lv_pics-eluxury, celine-cloverleafshop)
  15. Hi Baglover,

    I vote for the LV Damier 30! LV still has a large following and the bag itself is different than the regular monogram. From Megs pictures, hers is just divine...now makes me want one too!:rolleyes: