MJ Boutique sales~

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  1. Ok, I know this has probably been put out there a few times, but I did a search and I cannot find an answer to my questions.

    1. When do the online stores typically have their sales (i.e., shoptwigs, shopbop, netaporter, diabro, bluebee etc..)?
    2. What about Boutiques (isn't there one in Chicago?)
    3. Nordies, bloomies, saks, neimans etc...?

    If I am missing any other stores please let me know and add to the list...

    I do real the MJ sales thread but I cannot seem to find the answers to these sale questions. Any help would be fabulous so that I may keep my eyes peeled as I live in the middle of NO :Push:WHERE...

    TIA:heart: Ghostie
  2. Great idea to have this all in one place for reference! I'm also in the middle of nowhere so that would be very helpful:yes:
  3. ALL sale info is in the MJ SALE thread only!!!.......sales tend to vary thruout the year...so just keep watching the thread!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.