MJ Boutique SA Stella

  1. Oh no! I just called the LA boutique and asked for Stella, only to be told that she's left the company! I loved working with her, as I know that many of you did.
  2. Major bummer!! She was a wonderful SA. I only hope she went on to bigger and better things. We'll miss her!
  3. Aw, that's so sad! We have to find a new SA for ourselves.
  4. Oh no! She was sooo nice! Thats too bad! If anyone finds a good SA there, let me know.
  5. FYI, Stella emailed me after I was referred to her by bag.lover. Anyway, she told me the news also and said another SA is wonderful, Luke.

    She gave me his email in case anyone is looking for a "Stella replacement." ;)


  6. Oh no!!! I was a major Stella fan!