MJ Boston store - handbags 70% off!

  1. I just got back from MJ's Boston store on Newbury Street and they have marked down TONS of handbags 70% off! :biggrin: I'm not terribly familiar with the names but they had tons and tons of bags at 70% off. I bought a whiskey colored perforated shoulder bag with a gold chain handle and tassles that was originally $1270 and I got it for $393 including tax. :smile:

    They didn't have any regular Stams in but I saw the new mini Stam for fall and it's very cute.
  2. OMG! I am turning off my computer now....this place is gonna get me a divorce from PHH!! LOL!
  3. I know the bag you got it and it's too cute! I've seen Nicole Richie with it. =)

    Did they have any quilted bags? *cuts off hands*
  4. Thanks!

    They had TONS of denim quilted bags. :yes: I'm not quite sure if they had others though. The leather quilted ones aren't on sale (the Ursula bowlers).
  5. :yes: Yeah, they had piles of the quilted washed denim bags at 70% off...mostly venetias, some cammies and multipockets. None of the leather bags with pushlocks were on sale. :cry: The Mia line, which was also part of the sale, is all sold out now. There were also a few of the purpleish satin bags left. It was kind of a madhouse in there a few hours ago...:blink:

    The little stam was very cute indeed...I saw it in Cashew:ninja:

    Nice going at the sale, bloemetje! Enjoy your new MJ :graucho: .
  6. Wow! Sounds like a great sale! I've seen the quilted denim venetia in pinkish red denim and it looks very nice.
  7. I'm safe then as I'm not a fan of the denim. I can't wait to see the Little Stam!
  8. They had a whole row of those! You should telephone first thing tomorrow if you want one, they'll go fast...2 sold while I was browsing.
  9. Now I'm curious to see the pink one!
  10. Do they have wallets on discount by chance?

  11. Hi...I didn't see any wallets with the sale items, or with the non-sale things, but I wasn't on the lookout. Could always try giving them a buzz. Saks (Boston) had a nice selection of zip clutches today, but those were definitely not on sale.
  12. will they allow me to order on the phone? i live in texas.
  13. S4M: Did you get anything? :graucho:
  14. WHOAAAA...

    will the sale be spreading to the other MJ stores?
  15. I did manage to restrain myself, but only because I continue to be forbidden from making such purchases (on sale or not...PHH rules), and more importantly, I'm desperately holding out for possibly snagging one (or more) of the few remaining silver pushlock bags that I've seen in a couple of boutiques around town. I've spied a navy stella with turquoise suede lining/stitching, as well as a blake in the same color. The MJ store did still have a small multipocket left in Sap with silver, as well as a blake in the navy/turquoise combo, predictably not on sale.

    I shall stalk until someone buys, they go on sale, or my handbag buying moratorium has been lifted. :lol: