MJ Blondie

  1. I just called my SA to put me down for a black Hudson and he told me that the bag he is most excited about is the Blondie. I wasn't crazy about how he was describing it but he said the leather is the best ever and the style is amazingly cute IRL, it ties at the top like a scarf. I didn't love it at first site but I think it will grow on me. What do you think? I'm seeing a bit of Gerard Darel...
  2. Not a fan of the scarf-tie part.
  3. That bag looks neat. I wonder if it is easy to close it. Has the bag come out yet?
  4. I can't decide if I love or hate the scarf part but I'm eager to see it in person.

    Safin, the bag is part of the second release of the fall bags so it's not out quite yet.
  5. I'm not diggin' the scarf-tie thing... hmmmm....
  6. I'm just so curious because he couldn't rave about it enough. He has great taste and I always trust his judgement (he talked me out of the Stam Hobo which I was thankful for once I saw it in person). But as of now I pretty much agree...not digging the scarf.
  7. Not digging it personally...
  8. Me neither. Looks like it would be tedious to use.
  9. :Push:
  10. SA called me today and said the blondies came in and are flying off the shelf. I just cannot see that happening! Has anyone seen this IRL yet?
  11. I just seen the Blondie bag today, in the Brandy color (think whiskey) and its actually pretty cute! It's much prettier IRL, leather is so soft and if you like BIG bags, this one is for you :yes:
  12. Interesting, pelinaka! There are two sizes of the bag so I bet you saw the bigger one. Yeah, I have a feeling that IRL the leather is what makes this bag. I'm going to try to check it out at the MJ Boston store next week.
  13. Glimmer, it was definitely the large size that I seen ($2250). The bag is different and the leather is like butter. I would love to hear what you think once you've seen it.