MJ Blake with silver trim?

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  1. Any thoughts? Is this MJ Blake worth purchasing? Brand new retails for $1250.
    (attached pictures were borrowed from a web site. i forgot the name...)

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  2. It's really pretty, but I'm just so in love with classic black MJs with gold hardware..but that's just my opinion:smile:
  3. It's a cute bag. I saw it on sale at Nordstroms.
  4. it depends on how much it's going for, how much you like it, and how much you're willing to pay for it.
  5. just learned that this bag is now 60% off the retail...:yahoo:
  6. I paid full price for mine ... and it is worth every penny!

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  7. If it's at Nordstrom, please let me know so I can return mine and repurchase it at sale price!!! I haven't had mine 30 days yet!
  8. They usually only let you do price adjustments for up 14 days on regular priced items only (if you bought it on sale & it gets marked down further, they don't usually match the lower sale price) -- I recently tried to get a price adjustment for something that was purchased less than 30 days ago and they wouldn't do it and if I returned it, they wouldn't let me buy it back (they claim they have waiting lists and it would go to whoever is waiting for it) --

    if it IS at Nordstroms, they're not just 60% off -- they're an addtl 15% off of THAT!
  9. Darned those rules! They probably wouldn't do me any favors since I've returned several lately. Oh well. It is still worth full price. It's my baby!
  10. Yes, when I saw it yesterday, at Nordstroms, it was on sale for more than 60%. It was on a sale table with other handbags.
  11. You could try buying another one (like the one dee saw on the sale table) and then returning the one you have.
  12. SA just told me it is now priced at $424.91 + sales tax so I took advantage. :yahoo:
  13. I TOTALLY AGREE! The SA told me about their "returns" rule...pretty much if you return it, someone else will get it at a reduced price since they have a waiting list.

  14. keep it!

  15. I agree. You can check out the store if they have any left and buy a new one. and return yours. Its a difference of around $800?