MJ Blake white chiffon OR Celine Boogie classic?

  1. I'd like to splurge on my 1st luxury bag in honor of my 40th bday this month. I have tended toward Cole Haan bags the last few years but feel it's time for more of a treat! I shopped NM, Bloomie's, Macy's, Saks, MJ boutique while in SF last week (I live in LA) and narrowed down to the MJ Blake in white chiffon (maybe almond) or Celine Boogie classic in luggage or chocolate. Actually, Macy's SF had a 2-tone Boogie classic ($1350 instead of $1200 for others) that was BEAUTIFUL but I haven't seen it on-line anywhere including Celine website.

    which bag, in your opinion, is a better bag?

    any tips on how to track down the 2-tone Celine? I'll be back in SF in April so I can just go back...

    pay full price at dept. store or MJ boutique or buy online? The $995-1350 prices (+ tax)
    for above bags are a bit more than I had wanted to spend so any tips to save some $$$ (but still get an AUTHENTIC bag) would be great!

    I'm a newbie (1st post!) but have spent hours on this site already today - have already learned a lot!
  2. I would go for the Marc Jacobs as the Boogie is only hand held and can be a pain!
  3. I love the Boogie. It's a classic bag BUT it is very structured and fairly stiff and you have to be happy to cart a hand held bag around all the time. The handles are too narrow to slide it over your arm. If you can live with that, I'd vote for the Celine.
  4. I love the Celine Boogie bag. It's the only bag that I really, really want and don't have yet. I'm waiting for just the right one to come along.
  5. While the Celine is really lovely, I would choose the Blake. I think it's more versatile and the fact that it can double as a shoulder bag (versus tote) is a plus. The compartments make it easy to organize as well. Plus, the Blake is a very popular and classic MJ bag. Good luck and let us know what you decide to do!